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SOAGATE Property

Soagate Property Development Company Limited is a world class real estate and property development limited liability company founded and incorporated in the year 2018 under the companies and allied matter act of 1990 with RC Number 1483020 with our corporate office in Lagos, Nigeria. We are passionate with the vision of making affordable homes available to all irrespective of their income bracket. We offer a start to finish consultation in any aspect of real estate need. Read More



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Our services includes :-

  • Sales of service plots
  • Estate Design and Development
  • Civil Engineering and Construction
  • Real Estate Consultancy & Advisory
  • Land & Property Acquisition

We assure our Clients and Investors of deploying the best of our expertise and resources in satisfying and fulfilling their real estate dreams and aspirations. Our extensive team is comprised of experienced real estate professionals including Certified Property Managers (CPM),Certified Facility Managers (CFM),International Facility Management Association(IFMA),Certified Civil Engineers, Certified Structural Engineers, Site Managers, Technicians, Marketing personnel, Accounting and administrative staff with over 11 years of experience in the real estate industry.

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